What The Fap: the World Record Egg’s Sex Tape (15:25)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Jan 20 2019

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Egg which broke the record for the most-liked Instagram post. Kylie Jenner isn’t the top queen now. Sashay away! We’re glad this kind of news made the headlines, it’s very important. Everybody should know about the World Record Egg. Of course, someone found its sex tape and it’s now online, on Pornhub, where else?! Sad to be a celebrity these days. The Egg enjoys watching its wife fucked by men. Here is the cuckolding session you need to see to believe it. No sperm eating by the husband as usual, but the Egg cum on its wife’s face at the end, with its cock: weird, surprising… and arousing. I’m a big perv, sorry.

Kim and Paolo from My Sweet Apple became crazier than studios. Wood Rocket didn’t pull the trigger fast enough, nor did Cam Soda. The new generation of porn creators is here to make us come and laugh hard. Will this crazy cuckold scene break the Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape most-viewed video record?

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