Massive Crush on ComerZZ’s Massive Boobs (9:26)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Jan 30 2019

What can I say, I love big tits! Fuck me right? Yes, I know “ya basic!”, but please curb your hate down because I am aware of it. I try my best to be a decent man, yet when I see a teen with anything above d-cup on the Internet, I feel faint. My mind swirls down in the vast abyss of fantasy, lust brutally smashing my head against the bouncy walls of the Big Boobs tag. My shrink told me I was trying to cure some distant childhood trauma. Who knows, ComerZZ might be the one to heal me!

There’s no other way to say this: this Russian teen – or Czech, who know how accurate tags really are – makes me hard. I found this bit on the “Hot” homepage of Pornhub (sorry I’ve been lazy) with her tits proudly showcased. How I envy those hands swiftly hovering all over her skin. Sensuality is the keyword of the film’s first moments, so much so that I wouldn’t even have asked for more if it had stopped there. Pure eye candy! I must now go and explore their whole library, but you can keep this here video! Don’t scratch it, though!

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