First Time Anal: French Touch Edition (15:24)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Nov 21 2018

I have never really enjoyed French porn. When I see a “french” tag I usually skip the video altogether and go find something else. I mean it’s sad that their porn sometimes lacks a certain polish. I’ll take a trashy homemade vertically filmed american smartphone porn over some French underwhelming gonzo, merci beaucoup. And yet from time to time – well, I don’t know, I give it a try.

Not too long ago Monsieur Cronos & Philyra popped up unexpected on my PH homepage and something switched in me. You know how the French can seem arrogant at times, like the world should bow down to them and revel in their frenchness? Well this French couple is very far from the cliché. They don’t care for your praise, they just want to produce great quality content and make the world horny with lustful yet wholesome sex. This is some art nouveau stuff.

On top of all that they go and try to titillate me with some multicam, faceless but intimate “first time anal”? Hell I can revel in that. And proudly, too.

Olala, I have les goosebumps!

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