Lena Paul and the Tattooed Man (23:04)

Fap selected by Manon des sources the Nov 16 2018

Feeling horny? How about you go tease your boyfriend some bit- who was minding his own business peacefully reading I might add? Put your best mini-short on, let your hand grope anything it finds and you’re done! Well, you also have to look like irresistible Lena Paul. A tight ass wrapped inside a tiny short and huge marvellous tits, or the promise of a beastly doggystyle. But let’s focus on her husband for a minute, some Nathan character. A tattooed hunk of a man really, with curves that perfectly fit his stretchy underwear hinting at a massive dick. The video could stop here and I would already feel satisfied! But then on the edge of my mind… I know what Lena’s in for. And I want to see it, I want to lose control in the frenzy!

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