Kayden Kross – At the Krossroads (7:30)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Dec 11 2018

You are a knight of the Tag Order on a quest to find the Holy Tag. After a sleepless night you wake up and ride a ways only to find yourself lost and wondering at a crossroads with panels. On the left you have roads leading to Bigtitia, Blondetown and Analand. On your right you can see paths to Dirty-Talkistan, POVgorad and Bigdickborough. You want to see all those places but don’t know where to start! What path should you chose? Before you decide there’s some sort of loud crash behind you and a huge cloud of dust rises from the ground, shadowing a shapely figure. The dust settles and there you see her – Kayden Kross, handing you something in confident silence. You take a look and gasp. It is everything you had been looking for.

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