Booty Ass: Bouncy and Redundant. And Bouncy (9:07)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Feb 11 2019

I usually write faps around some dumb joke or pun popping in my head while doing research. No such thing here, the job was swiftly carried out! My inspiration bounces back to Booty Ass and her superfluous nickname. I find myself daydreaming because of the sheer lack of oxygen. I feel faint with my head firmly stuck between those buns. I don’t care much for anal – her first time or so she says though yours truly is a bit skeptical. I simply stare at that derrière and drift off to Fantasy Sea. Diving nose first into that gorgeous butt crack, mouth agape looking for pleasure and my eyes two bright yellow suns, I drown and die happy.

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