TS Seduction or the Best Transgender Studio Around (12:55)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Jan 19 2019

Everyone and their grandma will tell you that Kink’s TS Seduction is by far the best transgender studio in the whole world. Their scenes convey such carnal lust that I can’t even wait for the business to start to finish myself. One the one hand it really is something to experience, but that also means I rarely see the end of those stories, if ever – or even the middle for that matter.

You know that feeling when you sweep madly through thumbnails but can’t really find anything worth it? Or when you’re horny as fuck and just need that tiny jolt of adrenaline to make you buzz? That’s the kind of 2p.m. post coffee break the studio thrives on, the quick freelance fappers approve!

They are already masters in one-on-one but when couple or threesome narratives come into play? Well, I’m just at a loss! Hands shaking, eyes rolling all around and drooling, it’s like having a massive stroke!

I swear to everything holy that I will cut my left ball if this Vaudeville “Heavens- my husband!” scene doesn’t make you spurt a fountain.

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