Fap Deluxe: Natalie Lust is a Porncelain Doll on Your Cushy Bed (7:59)

Fap selected by McLovin the Nov 21 2018

Natalie Lust has the face of a doll. Not the porcelain dolls grandma kept at the foot of her bed which gave you a morning fright. No sir, this doll gives you morning woods. And as a doll would she looks cold, an artificially manufactured redhead with the face of a fantasy Ice queen, designed to look perfect. Lust might just as well come from a fantasy world with her bright face and shapely proportions, sprinkled with just the right amount coy sensuality. No matter how strong the puppeteer wags her around, her hair remains impeccable through cowgirl or doggystyle.

She embodies poetic face and sexual thirst, yours truly’s wet dream come true. Her small pointy breasts, the maddening curve of her hips, her nymph hair and black nail polish as a reminder of her make-up – all mesmerizing. You already love her, just admit it. See how she grasps this proud penis for Petite HD Porn (Nubile Films) with her small and agile hands and doesn’t let go until the sweet relief of orgasm. See how her final caress, gently touching her sweet pink nipple, is nothing but an invitation whispered right at you. Watch, love, fap. Thou shalt not regret.

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