Lucy Loe AKA The Dick Whisperer AKA My New Obsession (20:39)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Feb 7 2019

Lucy Loe, also known under the alias Lucy the Dick Whisperer, is perfection. I chanced upon her Twitter account and a few days ago she tweeted that one absolutely needed to go and check her Pornhub channel. Say no more, here I come! Lucie is somewhat of a freelance performer, who managed to get views back from her account’s stolen and leaked videos. Beaucoup bucks fell in her pocket thereafter. Most of her films seem to originate from her cam live shows.

I handpicked a show where she is dressed as a bunny. I would have been content with the introduction, but after a time her boyfriend Frankie comes by to fuck her. I mean fair enough but I was already all out! This left me all the time I wanted to gawk at the stunning belle getting tossed around by this huge Marvel fan. The true marvel though is Lucy herself, she leaves me breathless! I simply love freelance couples because they make porn – granted this is rather camshow material – you actually want to watch.

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