Olive Glass and Gleeful Sex (16:50)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Jan 15 2019

Olive Glass started porn at 26 – quite an old age, relatively speaking, in an industry where you usually start much younger and often don’t last more than 6 months… It’s a wonder you’re reading this article because we’re entering a category still largely unexplored and even unnamed though it has great potential: thirty year-olds.

Few actresses go this far in the industry without being ushered into the MILF category and that’s a sad fact. Olive Glass (or Olive Dundee, in some porns) doesn’t seem to care and meets with her new XXX life with a grin on her face. I think the smile on her face turns me on even more than any sexual achievement on screen. Alright I’ll say it, Olive was my December porn-crush and I’ll be damned if you don’t hop on my hype-train.

In this Porn Fidelity video with happy-go-lucky Michael Vegas sex is a game. They take their time, laugh and shag without forcing romance.

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