Sextape: Mya Lane and Ryland Ryker Going to Town (11:54)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Jan 27 2019

Mya Lane and her husband Ryland Ryker are a Pornhub amateur couple riding on success with around 85 million total views. I mean sure it is no LeoLulu scoreboard but that’s still quite impressive. Plus, Mya was crowned Pornhub Amateur Model of the month several times and that accounts for her popularity. The couple’s video sponsors skillful amateur framing with a sextape vibe, in turn seeing action as Mya and next as her (then not yet) husband Ryland’s long Johnson. It’s ten minutes of sex that may very well remind you of what you did last night in bed, minus the camera – or perhaps you had one no one’s judging you here!

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