Miss Banana Cumpilation (22:00)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Nov 16 2018

Miss Banana loves to eat from both ends. This video takes no time cutting to the chase – and by “chase”, we mean cumshots. Loads of them. Miss Banana, the Swedish-born, cosplayer (if you’re a fan of Overwatch, you’re going to love her as competitive gamer and mech pilot, D.Va) who makes videos “for fun” is a consummate professional. She knows exactly what her viewers want: to get hard and cum even harder. So instead of sifting through her sexy collection of porn videos and forwarding to the end, she’s generously prepared a compilation – or cumpilation, rather – of her best ever cumshots. And they are better than even we expected. The video offers twenty-two minutes worth of cumshot content – though we’re fairly certainly you’ll require a fraction of that.

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