Morning Glory: an angel comes to wake you up (19:56)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Nov 15 2018

When I was but a young man, O eight years ago, Little Caprice was already filling my head with dreams. She still does to this day and the passing of time doesn’t seem to have any effect on her face. She does look more mature though, more genuine – she is past maddly fluttering her eyelashes at you to get you in bed. Now she radiates self-confidence, knowing her mere presence is enough to nurture a sincere, enthusiast arousal.

In today’s adventures Caprice tries to wake his man up and you can witness a very rare scene – a penis in its natural habitat! Captive dongs are usually viagra-bred through a feeding trough, where penis farmers pour as many blue pills as they can to grow fat, steady beasts. This one is flaccid, a big up-yours to forced virility when the girl so much as breathes your way.

This organic porn gets a USDA stamp of approval, though secretary Perdue frowns upon the shady editing, stating that “it is a shame you’d have to pay to see the whole thing!” I think it’s OK, it’s part of the game after all.

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