Blowing her Man on Snapchat (6:29)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Feb 4 2019

Let me tell you one thing: if Snapchat still exists and didn’t join the one-time-use-apps hell, it is thanks to sex in more than one aspect. You can boast marketing studies and what-have-yous to prove me wrong, no sir. It is all about sex workers selling their Snapchat “Premium” accounts. Granted, there is also a fair amount of average joes, janes and others sexting, I mean how many nudes are cheerfully exchanged on a daily basis? That little ghost has a 24/7 boner let me tell you and sex is what keeps it in the mortal realm. Magazine premiers, shady influencers and government accounts? Please!

Every porn actress, escort, cam model and fitgirl is on FanCentro reaping cold cash for some risqué video or another. I for one enjoy having an entry to their intimacy, their day-to-day life. I am a sucker for perving on life’s routine. Vertical filming is given its honors here and I suddenly find myself fond of portrait images.

Amelia Skye is a young bird leaving the tranquility of Premium. Her stories are there for all to see. The Snapchat filter on her face can barely keep up with the girl’s raging pursuit of a penis. Blowjob, titjob, you can take a dive into their bedroom and as you fall ever faster into darkness, you wonder: should I buy more lifetime SCs?

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