O to be Blown by Caprice! (7:52)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Feb 3 2019

After all this time Caprice still gets me going. Whether it is in a Vixen production or some more intimate amateur video, the girl shines so bright it’s hard to see anything else! No matter the video it is all the same to me: my heart melts down and I am simply losing it, I have to give in! Ten years! She has been playing with my feelings for ten years, smiling at my inches ever so genuinely.

She is candor incarnate, with a stubborn taste for simple things. This video is filmed on a phone, vertically (gasp) without any fake light nor filter. Fiercely raw, real footage: Little Caprice is blowing you as if you were her boyfriend. You find yourself enthralled for seven whole minutes that transport you to another universe and distort time itself. Where did those minutes go?

Caprice, thank you for everything!

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