Snapchat Stories – Jia Lissa Teasing Her Boyfriend (15:32)

Fap selected by McLovin the Jan 29 2019

Sex tapes (no matter how fake) and homemade videos, now that’s something for the wicked. To indulge in my wickedness, I summon teen ginger Jia Lissa and her fiery mane! In this instance Lissa teases her boyfriend to death with great languid looks, panda t-shirts, naughty Snapchat-style stripteases and panties slowly coming down in an attempt to give the viewer goosebumps. The mix of authenticity and script gives the whole scene this most peculiar porn tingling, like you’re witnessing a reconstruction of reality only with a lot more of your fantasies involved – buns as far as the eye can see, intimate pilosity and booming moans included. Jia Lissa is one of those belles Pornhub has to offer to the prying eye, a woman you cannot simply ignore. Before furiously masturbating to this, I would probably have told you vertical filming was the worst of crimes against humanity, but this (barely) guilty fap made me reconsider things. Bravo.

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