Emerald Shows her Green Hair and it’s All Natural (12:08)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Dec 8 2018

Girls Out West‘s productions are starting to really grow on me. See I am not necessarily a sucker for all out natural porn, but I like that their porn videos fulfill all my kinky expectations. No need for DP to satisfy my satanic urges, just give me the hellish heat of an australian home in the Bush and I’m game. This is my fantasy so deal with it ok?

There’s also some tasty rimjob and dripping wet squirting – along with Emerald’s green hair and Avalon’s fiery mane. It’s a hot and intoxicating Literotica story come to life. The #pornkillslove fellas might think porn is a new drug that needs fighting, but I’d like to go through a sitting of this show of passion and ask them how this is not love. I mean it – why would this be anything but love?

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