The Devil Wears Bodysuits (5:26)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Jan 21 2019

Long gone are the German porn stars with lady’s-man mustaches, the new generation has arisen and likes things to be a bit more delicate. Lucie Blush is in Berlin, a porn stronghold. But most of the Teutonic porn is focused around the Ersties girls, proudly feminist and ethic pornographers with videos for both fappees and fappettes.

Female passion, bodysuit passion. The girl without bangs – Lullu I guess? – won me over as soon as she got her pants down. ‘Tis witchcraft I tell you, how those one piece bodysuits that really belong in a swimming pool bewitch me. I need to know what demon possesses me the instant I see one. Witchcraft!

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