Ersties Surprising Berlin Flash Tours (19:36)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Nov 21 2018

Nowadays tourism has been globalized – everyone goes to the same spots, takes the same Insta pics and sleeps in the same AirBnBs. The way I see it there are two kinds of tourism though – voluntourism and nofucksgiventourism. Which kind of tourist you are depends on how big of a wallet you actually have. Now even european capitals are cheaper to travel to, thanks to companies cutting through prices – and through salaries (smh) – allowing us to afford plane tickets and be there in less than a day. I mean that trip used to take months and you could die from some shady sea-disease or gruesome butt pirates!

Anyhow… Ersties girls now, they have some different kind of work ethics. They show you tourism like you have never seen it before. In this bit two aussies, Cassandra and Laney, discover Berlin through the prism of flash culture. I think I’d rather let you discover it yourself, no need to say more.

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