Orgasming Hand in Hand (7:58)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Feb 10 2019

Two women, faceless, they are a couple and owners of a channel called Rosie and Alena. They create anonymous couple lesbian porn, just like any other anonymous heterosexual couple would. This is the big, major trend in today’s porn and I for one think it is a good thing, because it gives traditional porn decorum a good shake up: this trend rides on the reality train. Gone are the classic film sets and setups, farewell cost-effectiveness, we want to broaden the views of mainstream porn! Heck yeah! And the good news is… “It just works!” Rosie and Alena reap views left and right without showing anything else than their body, most times barely more than hipbones!

On today’s menu: lace and mini-torture with a Lily vibrator, from the Lelo brand. You plug and play, simple as that. Cue multiple orgasms hand in hand. It is nothing but tenderness and esthetics and I don’t need more to get aroused. Amateur lesbian porn is the future, mark my words!

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