Elise Takes a Piss Bath (10:10)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Nov 16 2018

This one is a special kind of fap, so you better put the kids to bed. I mean GGG’s pissing category is an all out like-ratio war. Sometimes the reds win, sometimes the greens do. There’s this one Lucie Love battle I took part in, a fight to the death the reds won by a small margin… Well today I bring to you Elise, playing the lead role of the classic play “piss soaked whore sucks”. Elise’s persona is a tough one – she plays the role of a toilet bowl craving to receive all the bodily fluids of every person she meets. And well… Elise is a cutie you want to fall in love with. My piss wars veteran heart feels fuzzy inside whenever I watch pissing…

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