The Sex of Tomorrow Shall Be Fluid (8:14)

Fap selected by Gonzo the Dec 6 2018

Lance Hart‘s is developing a “sweet femdom” business and it is truly amazing. The downside is the previews are short on the tubes and the videos quite expensive on his website. He is a master teaser and creates a need to see more. For once, we get an 8 minute preview of a 25 minute long video. Granted it still is short but hey, at least we get something.

In this femdom display with a crossdressing overlay you can find Lance sporting – nay, rocking – suspenders all the while being pegged in the butt by his regular Veruca James. And then they swap roles. This exquisite level of fluidity should become the sexual norm, don’t you agree? I’ll let you speculate before you ejaculate!

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