Valentina Nappi’s Extraordinary Charm Facing a Dick the Length of an Arm (11:41)

Fap selected by Saint-Sernin the Nov 16 2018

Greg Lansky has found his own way. He hammers it in each and every of his creations. You keep the same lighting, the same camera angles, the same incredible lingerie and lovingly place a great ass on the viewer’s screen. No way you won’t get bored, right? Dead wrong! I mean he could do that for years on and still produce classy, nonetheless entertaining porn.

Once again we meet his new protégé Julio Gomez, A.K.A. Mister More-Dick-Than-Body. I mean just look at it! How in hell isn’t that too much? But then again, what is more american than grandeur? Pitted against him, valiant and stunning Valentina Nappi. Italy’s best condensed into one woman – fiery eyes and hypnotizing charms. There is simply no word to express what she creates in me. As I write these lines, stars in my eyes and wine down my throat, she embodies the very personna that makes us all lust for a warm italian summer night on a hilly vineyard, living the Dolce Vita.

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