Sneaky Quickie with Rosie Skye (9:26)

Fap selected by McLovin the Feb 2 2019

Quickies are their own form of art. Their motto could be in the lines of “less is more” as this tag relies on quickness and full-on deepthroats without regard for decorum or embellishment. It’s good craftsmanship aimed at fast and thorough arousal. The quickie is all about Fap and Furious, something Rosie Skye fully understands. The opening is neat, simple and clean: touch me where it feels good, right under the belly button and off we go! Skye does not forget to include a touch of spontaneity to the already immersive video. POV and quickie marry well, more so in the back of a car, and make for an authentic, truly passionate couple fap. You saw it coming, Skye’s the limit here!

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