Jasmine Grey and her Kawai as Fuck Fap (23:33)

Fap selected by McLovin the Feb 6 2019

Jasmine Grey is carving her path to what you could call the “kawai fucking” category – or whatever name you may come up with if, like me, you have a lot of time to theorize on your jacking-off habits. Recipe is easy: a bed with thick sheets, really cushy pillows spread generously, a performer with more charisma than your cutest cat and liwly plushies of various animals – Jasmine went for one huge and magnificent Rilakkuma (Facebook stickers teddy bear for you uncultured swines). Icing on the cake? Socks. Add a pinch of genuine sensitivity proper to solo masturbation and that gives you some fine porn equivalent of a lemon meringue pie. As sweet as sweet can be!

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